My Top 3 Makeup Foundations: Everyday, Going Out, & Full Glam

I’m no expert, but I do love make-up and have experimented with a lot of it! Currently, I have three go-tos for different occasions that I absolutely love.

Before going into it, every skin type is different. Obviously, what works for me may not work for everyone else. But just to set the backdrop, I have oily skin. Because of my oily skin, I have to stay away from water-based makeup foundation. I didn’t even know this was a thing, but after purchasing one particular brand, it seemed that by the end of the day my foundation was practically streaking off my face. Whenever I’m experimenting with new foundation, I just make sure to ask the expert at the makeup counter whether or not it is water based. Secondly, no matter if I’m using any type of makeup foundation or even just powder (or even not wearing any makeup at all), I have to use primer and finishing powder. It’s a must. Otherwise my makeup won’t stay put without a primer and it will get oily quick without finishing powder. I’ve used Neutrogena Shine Control Primer and Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Pressed Powder Microfinishing Pressed Powder in translucent for several years now, and they’ve become staples for my face that I don’t change.

Okay, now for the foundations I use!

My Everyday Foundation – Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Shade 120 Medium Sheer Tint

Technically, I know this isn’t full on foundation, but I treat it as such. BB Cream is so light, but totally gets the job done on evening out my skin tone and covering up my redness. Plus, it has built in SPF! Win/win. Although I have read that you should apply separate SPF because the SPF in your BB Cream or other makeup is not enough. But still, the more SPF, the better! I apply the BB Cream with a makeup sponge and just add on a little more if I need a bit more coverage. I love this for work or just having a chill day because it isn’t heavy and thick on my face.

My Going Out Foundation – Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder in Shade 3 Fair

I’ve only been using this foundation for a few months, but I love it! First of all, I love how the little bottle is built to apply the foundation directly to your face. I just squeeze out a few lines onto my face and use a makeup sponge to apply it. This foundation is also fairly light, but provides more and longer coverage for a full day and a night out. It also provides build-able coverage, so you can just add more if you like. The finished look is dewy and glow-y.

My Full Glam Foundation – Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r in Shade 180

I LOVE this foundation! I can put it on in the morning and it will look just as fresh and provide full coverage well into the evening. However, this one is a little tricky. I talked to a make-up specialist at Sephora when I was trying out this foundation. If you’re not fully comfortable applying foundation, this one isn’t the easiest to start with. You have to apply it in sections and move fast because it dries quickly. From my experience, people either love it or hate it. You know which end of the spectrum I land on. The coverage is heavy, but its well worth it for those long workdays and glam nights out.