5 Summer Wardrobe Essentials Under $25

Summer is here! If I’m being totally honest, I have a serious dislike for the Summer season. Texas heat is no joke, and I seem to have a permanent sweat ‘stache throughout the Summer months. It’s not sexy. But, even during this horrid sweat fest, I still attempt to look cute – sweat mustache and all.

I don’t know about you, but I’m almost constantly economically challenged. Thus, I’ve narrowed down the search for some Summer basics at affordable prices. Check out the links below to shop!

White Sandals

sandals 525

I like white sandals because you can wear them with any color of clothing you put on. You don’t have to worry about mixing black and brown shades so you don’t have to necessarily buy both colors. White goes with everything! I love this pair from Target. They were only $20 and they’ve lasted me almost a year but look brand new! Seriously, I just took this picture of them. I also wore them on my trip to Havana, Cuba almost a year ago and they were comfy and durable. And I walked A LOT down those Havana streets. There’s also an option on Amazon if you can’t find your size here.

Jean Shorts 

shorts 525

These are a given! What’s not a given is that you should opt to buy statement or printed shorts. Again, I like white shorts because it brightens up any outfit. The striped shorts are from Marshall’s and they were only $15. Target has plenty of patterns and colors also under $20 which you can shop here. Both of these styles are stretchyyyy, which is my favorite. Nobody is trying to deal with tight, rough fabric on top of the sweat session.

Summer Dresses 

Dress 525

I found dresses made of the softest, lightest material for $10 at Marshall’s! So I stocked up. Forever 21 also has dresses like these for $10. I have some of these Forever 21 dresses that I bought years ago (circa 2015) and they’re still going strong. I don’t know what this magic fabric is, but it’s the comfiest. And the less amount of clothes to sweat in, the better. Oh, and this one has POCKETS!


sunnies 525

I love to buy cheap, quirky sunglasses for the Summertime. Mostly because I end up losing them all at the beach or the pool. It’s also better to buy cheap pairs that are bound to end up scratched up by the sand, scratched up from throwing them into your purse all the time, or lost in a lake. Plus, these are the perfect months to wear silly styles you wouldn’t otherwise wear. There’s a carefree vibe that comes with the Summer, so your accessories can reflect that, too. Shop fun sunnies here.

A Statement Purse

bag 525

A cute purse freshens up any outfit you have on. These straw rattan crossbody bags are super trendy right now. I had a hard time finding one under $25. Most of them are pretty pricey due to the intricate weaving. But my search paid off! I found this one for exactly $25 at Marshall’s and other options on Amazon, like this one. These are pretty small, so be wary that maybe just a small wallet and your phone, keys, and your lip gloss will fit in here. But they’re just so cute that I’ll find a way to make it work.