Since the time I began dressing myself, my mom has told me that I do not know how to match anything. I agree with her. I don’t know much about clothing other than that I love buying it, have tons of it, and it’s all pretty colorful. The thing is, in my head, I do match because my style makes sense to me. I’ve always been stubborn about wearing exactly what I want, even it it isn’t the most flattering or fashionable or trendy. That’s because I feel most comfortable in my skin when I’ve put together a badass outfit & I know I look good (even if other people don’t think so).

I love when others aren’t afraid to express themselves through their outward appearances. Even though I’m not afraid to try something new, there are certain things that I just know I could never pull off or that I admire but it isn’t my style. That’s where all these other brave mujeres come in. As opposed to sharing only the styles I like to wear, I’ll be featuring other stubborn ladies set in their stylish ways. And nobody has to match!