Stories and poems just flow out of me on their own when they are good and ready to be released. Sometimes I get hit with a bit of inspiration and I just have to sit down and write it all out for the next couple of hours. Poems burst out of me line by line. And as for the opinion pieces of this section, well we all know I have a lot of opinions and I think they are all important (*sarcasm*).

The problem with having the ability to write whenever the muse strikes is that most of the time, it is not in a hurry to find me. I feel like I do not have anything to write or contribute. More importantly than that, I think it is because the writing gods are teaching me to keep my mouth shut and learn how to listen instead.

A story or a poem can be anything you want it to be. It can be fictional. It can be real. It can be just a whole mess of feelings on a page. It can be an opinion. Whatever you feel that is bursting to come out or has just occupied a corner of your mind for far too long and you need to clean house, share it with me! And if you do not feel like letting people know you wrote it, that’s okay, too. I would like for this to be a platform for anyone who feels like participating. I don’t want to share only my rants. I think your rants are important, too.