31 Day Shop Your Closet Challenge!

I have been feeling overwhelmed by my closet lately. I have an insane amount of clothes in there that does not fit on my shelves and racks. Some of these clothes I’ve never even worn. Other pieces I’ve worn only once or twice. And yet, I keep buying clothes!

What is this addiction and/or need that I feel to constantly buy clothes or shoes or accessories to stuff into my ready-to-burst closet? In today’s Instagram “influencer” culture, it’s hard not to give in to constant shopping sprees when new outfits are posted every single day. The crazy thing is that for all we know, these influencers don’t own the clothes. Many of them are sponsored by companies and this clothing is lent to them to advertise.

There is nothing wrong with shopping for new clothing. Keep shopping till you drop if that’s your thing! But for women like me who have no business buying new clothing when they have mountains of it at home, we can try a different approach.

A long time ago, I read Nina Garcia’s, “The Little Black Book of Style.” All these years later, what stuck with me the most from that book is this quote by AndrĂ©e Putman: “I love America, and I love American women, but there is one thing that deeply shocks me… American closets. I cannot believe one can dress well when you have so much.” I relate so much to this quote because my closet is bursting at the seams (see what I did there?) and it takes away the fun of putting together an outfit and getting ready in the morning. I can’t actually see my clothes or shoes because they’re jumbled up in stashes ready to tip over or fall off the hanger.

I’m so ready to de-clutter my closet, wear what’s in there, and stop bringing in new pieces so often. This is where the 31 Day Shop Your Closet Challenge comes in!

For the month of October, I’m not going to shop for a single piece of clothing (or shoes or accessories or bags)! If it’s not in my closet, I’m not wearing it! There are a few benefits to this approach. First, I’ll be forced to wear articles of clothing or shoes or bags I have never used before. Secondly, if I don’t want to wear them anymore, then it’s out of my closet and off to Goodwill (or Poshmark, if that’s your thing). Third, I’ll be forced to try on more clothes and if it doesn’t fit, it’s off to Goodwill. Thus, I’ll inadvertently be de-cluttering my closet and inching my way to the dream closet full of essentials and quality items only. Lastly, it will encourage me to get creative. I can mix and match pieces and accessories and create new outfits that have actually been in my closet all along. I’ll be working on developing my own personal style instead of mindlessly putting on the same things all the time.

The following are the only exceptions to this challenge. I got these from www.savvynista.com, who completed a one year shop your closet challenge and provided a lot of inspo for me.

Exception #1: You can buy something to replace a lost or damaged staple item in your closet. For example, denim jeans, leather jacket, blazer, your good white t-shirt, etc.

Exception #2: You can wear something new if it is gifted to you, like clothing, accessories, a bag, etc.

Exception #3: You can buy something if you are attending a special event or occasion, like Halloween or a wedding.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Wish me luck and if you’re joining me, let me know on Instagram so we can check-in and keep each other accountable! Happy Closet Shopping!