September Favorites

Currently reading: You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. I highly recommend this book even though I am not done reading it. This is because I finished reading her other book, You Are a Badass, and I LOVED it! Typically self-help books tend to fall into the same category for me. That category is, “This starts out strong, but dies out about halfway through for me.” But not this one! Sincero’s lessons about manifesting what you desire (essentially through the law of attraction) may sound a little woo woo, but they work! I don’t know if it just helped me be more positive or if I’m actually honing in on my manifestation skills, but this book is life-changing. Now I want to do the same with my money, so here I am!

Currently listening to: My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Y’all, I live for this podcast. I am a true crime junkie through and through, and Karen and Georgia have found a way to make this hilarious. The combination of true crime and comedy sounds weird, but it actually livens up a really dark subject. This is due to the fact that Karen and Georgia mostly make fun of themselves and the weird surrounding circumstances of the murders they’re talking about (never the victims, obviously!). Throw in their love for talking about mental health, therapy, and their pets and you can see why I am obsessed.

Currently eating: HelloFresh! I took the plunge and finally decided to try this out since I’ve been experimenting with both cooking and my budgeting skills (neither is going well). So far, it’s been really cool! I get my box delivered at home once a week. I’ve chosen a two meal plan for two people (so that’s four meals since I live alone – and that’s not supposed to sound sad). From a scale of one to ten, with ten being excellent, I rate myself a four in the kitchen. I am honestly just barely trying to learn how to cook. So for someone who is a four and doesn’t have a lot of experience cooking, the recipes that come in the HelloFresh box are EASY. If I can follow them, you can, too. It took me longer than what it should to finish the meal and I may have burned some bacon here and there, but with a little more practice I bet I’ll get up to at least a six in the kitchen. LOL. High standards.

Currently shopping: My damn closet! Remember earlier when I mentioned I was trying to budget? I have a stupid amount of clothes and they do not fit in my closet. It’s so cramped in there. So, this month I am trying really hard not to shop anywhere but my closet. It’s actually been kind of fun so far. I’ve realized I tend to buy clothes for any little outing and then forget that I have that particular garment. The challenge now is making more outfits out of the clothes I already have. I pride myself on my style, so it’s a fun little challenge to see how many cute outfits I can make out of the clothes I already own.

Currently watching: Scream the TV show, season three on Netflix. I am a die hard fan of slasher movies (see what I did there?) and Scream is my all-time favorite slasher film. Thus, I am obsessed with all things Scream, including all the sequels and the t.v. show. I am biased because I love Scream so much, so it’s hard for me to find a flaw in the show. I will say it is pretty cheesy, but it’s still entertaining. I also love Fall and Halloween vibes, so this is the perfect show to watch in my pumpkin themed pajamas with all my pumpkin spice candles on. What’s your favorite scary movie?!


For one quick second I thought about not posting this picture because of my lonjitas, de cariƱo (little rolls, out of love) but I’ll be damned if everyone doesn’t have a roll or two, especially when they sit down. I love my thunder thighs in white pants and it took me a long, LONG time to learn to love them so I’m proud of this picture. Anyway, it’s how I look all the time so que le hago?

Top: Anthroplogie

Jeans: Lucky Brand

Belt: Gucci

Bracelets: David Yurman

Watch: Omega

Rings: Crystal Works Austin