The Dry Shampoo I Cannot Live Without

I have a stupid amount of hair. I know people always think that they have a ton of hair, but really – I have an abnormal head of hair. Growing up, my mom was the typical Mexican mother that did not let me cut or color my hair and so help her God, so long as I was living under her roof, I could not dream of touching it.

My hair has almost always been long. Way down past my waist long. I cut it all off two years ago while I was studying for my bar exam. I like to joke that I was having a mental breakdown and decided to chop it off on impulse. The truth is I had been planning on cutting it for about a year. I desperately needed a change.

However, even though my hair is drastically shorter and different, the fact that I have a stupid amount of hair has not changed. I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert when it comes to the dry shampoo area since I have tried about fifteen different brands over the past several years and I wash my hair once a week.

That’s right. I wash my hair once a week. Despite the fact that I work out and it gets sweaty. Despite the fact that it starts looking greasy as hell.

That’s where my dry shampoo comes in.

The dry shampoo brands that I swear by are Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo and Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo.

Since I was about twenty-two years old, I have been using dry shampoo to style my hair. I wish I could remember which dry shampoo brand I was using before I started using Drybar and Amika. What I do remember is that those brands were good for about one day, and then I couldn’t hide my greasy hair any longer. These days, if my scalp gets sweaty (it usually does since I do hot yoga twice a week and cardio two other days), I run water through the roots when I’m in the shower. Then I blow dry it when I’m out and spray dry shampoo away. 
However, there is a process to getting your hair to act like its clean. It takes training. That’s right. For the (normal) people who wash their hair on a daily basis, they cannot go six days solely using dry shampoo (as I like to do). This is because their scalp is used to developing oils more frequently. Look it up. There are methods to go on longer periods of time without washing your hair and it cannot happen from one day to the next. 
There is also the matter of me having naturally thick hair. Because I am full blown Mexican, it means that my hair is dark and thick. Thick hair naturally hides “grease” or “oily strands” a lot more than thin hair does.
Keeping in mind these two exceptions that allow me to go for such a long time without washing my hair, Drybar and Amika dry shampoos are still the brands I swear by. I spray it onto my roots, shake out my hair, run my fingers through it, and voila! That’s one more day I can continue on without the extra two hours it takes to wash, dry, and style my hair.


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